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Earenya is a full-support Priestess which means that this character is able to heal other characters at a hight rate, and she also is able to support them with spells that increase other character's agility, recovery rates, strength and luck.

Ea means: born on a thursday, because she was created on a thursday. Ea is also: everything that exists.

she is a member of the guild Symphony where she has found nice people to discover the world of Midgard with.

her character story is as the following (in short):

Even when Ea was still a little child, she always knew what she wanted to be: a priestess. And everything she did was focused on that. Her tasks were not meant to be easy because she took an oath never to use any weapon but her faith.
She also found love in her companion Kaervek, but fate was against them: the norns decided to end his life...

When she was erring in the deep forests she finally found some help in the wonderful community of Symphony, all people of brave hearts and beautiful minds... One day she met Kalten, and soon they fell in love with each other, but because both of them were priests they were not allowed to show their love in public. But their strong leader did not refuse to give them to each other in a secret ceremony and when the silver moon was shining at night ... they married.
When, for a long time they had lived togehter, somehow Kalten got to strong and now he preferred to spend his time with more powerful people. He really seemed to have forgotten his little wife.
Since several months he hasn't been seen anywhere now and Ea was searching for him everywhere one can imagine.
But he seems to be lost out there and no-one knows if he will come back to his once beloved wife or if he stays away forever then.

Although she seemed to be happy then when they finally were married, there are stains...
When she was fighting against foes, she noticed that killing gave her some kind of satisfaction and she turned to the darker side. Still being unknowing about her future she often wanders in the dark alleys and fallen walls of glastheim ruin, and wonders about whether she once will be given the mercy of rebirth...
Now that her love is gone she is strongly attracted by the dark powers that snatched away her love again, she wavers... crying and weeping now she lies in the dark and listens to the deep voices that surround her. soft and sweetly they are singing to her and try to entice her.
yet she is standing in the dark with one part of her soul, but the hope that her beloved one will return hold her back in the light of the world.

... and this is a memory of her beloved one... sleeping at our meeting point. artwork by polli^^

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this is a diary entry she wrote only a few days before...

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