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Who is she? Who am I?
Where am i from? Where will i go? these question are still unanswered and at the moment i am trying hard to find out...

name: katrin
date of birth: 22nd of february
zodiac sign: pisces / chinese: rat

1.71 - 52

long blonde hair and greyish-blue eyes

her alltime favourite pastime is MUSIC: listen to and doing it by herself, she plays the piano, the saxophone and the clarinet, all of which she learnt at a grammar school with a musical branch. she also sang in several choirs, and still singing makes a large part of her hobbies.

that's quite true. but music is so much more for me. it is a way to express all your innermost feelings and thoughts. to find the right words is sometimes very hard, and there is a famous quote:

"when words fail to speak, music starts talking"

the next thing she loves to do is READING: give her some books and she'll read them in no time, but her favourite is fantasy (LoTR, The Mists of Avalon and Drachenlord-Volumes). Whenever she feels like it, however, she reads some kitsch-novels, too^^

by reading i escape to the places where i can't get by plane^^ the landscapes are spacious and extent, there are green gardens with millions of flowers, hot deserts, the highest mountains and close friends. and somewhere out there: love...

a special interest of her is studying poetry... she likes to investigate Shakespeare's and Petrarca's poetry and she likes how they play with language.
another favourite author is oscar wilde. his works "the Importance of being Earnest" and "the Picture of Dorian Gray" show the diversities in which she sometimes lives.

these diversities really destroy me at the moment. i do not know where i belong.

her humour shows when she is laughing because "The Black Adder" is running over the telly-screen. this british style (also monty python's flying circus) pleases her very much!

religion: on the paper she is catholic, but she is likely to say that she believes in god but does not want to subordinate and obey that strong hierarchichal (and patriarchical) structures and rules of the churches.
also she believes in the unity of the universe.

her special symbol is the yggdrasil tree, of which she wears a pendant almost all the time.
the tree symbolizes the great entities of earth and air, life and death, good and evil.

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at the moment she is studying German and English and hopes to become a teacher soon.

what she really hates:
her rooms and thoughts being messy, arrogance, people who live on philosophical constructions---

Alter: 35
aus: 91301 Forchheim

Ich mag diese...
Lieder: within temptation - the cross
lacrimas profundere - come solitude
lacuna coil - stars

Orte: weit weit weg, oder tief tief in mir....

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